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Technological Service Provider.
Crabseye technology is a premier technology company with a focus on delivering
world-class technology products. Technology has become a core essence of not
only professional world but is also of immense importance into our day to day lives.
As we strive for advancement from the technology we use, we expect our work
to be less cumbersome as well.

Medical Human Anatomy Table

At Crabseye we understand the need of accuracy of human anatomy is of the highest quality allowing for an exceptional anatomy education. So we present a Medical Human Anatomy Table which provides 3-D/2-D display of Human Anatomy. The table allows virtual human cadaver dissection experience. It will allow students and medical practitioners to see real life images of all human anatomical structures, both in their fully intact state and in various stages of dissection. The table will help to better explain, visualize and understand the anatomy, disease processes and medical intervention used in today's medical field. Medical students and practitioners and utilize this amazing learning tool to better prepare them for their careers in healthcare.

Doctors table

Apart from diagnosing illness, doctor's face a major hurdle in describing the illness and expounding the intervention when required.
This innovation -"The Doctor's Table", can cater to all these basic problems and a lot more. From helping to explain the basic anatomy, the disease process- nature and extent, to the possible intervention, access and procedure, all is possible with a flip of your fingers. It is even possible to involve the patients in the decision making and planning.
This table acts as a guide to not only the patients but to the doctors themselves, doubling up as a computer with its search engine.


Crabseye Infotech is a premier technology company, which is the brainchild of its chairman and CEO- Mr Bijeesh Kannamkulath. A visionary incorporated the technology to provide STEM lab( Science Technology Engineering and Maths) and several other features. It will help bridge the distance between knowledge and comprehension by letting children and adults experience what their books taught, leaving a stronger impact on their minds. Though similar techniques have been utilised in certain other countries,this venture is the first of its kind in Asia.

Smart Home Table

We all have been frowned upon for using phones or gadgets at dining tables at some point. How easy would it be if we can check our social media profile's notifications while dining?Crabseye bring Smart Table for an easier access of internet and virtual world for you, just a touch away. It can be connected with home Wi-Fi and you can browse, watch movies, download, check your social media accounts from there. It's a table with smart display and is touch sensitive. You can have a Tony Stark feel with it!

Interactive Table for Hotels

Unavailable reception or delayed home-service is unpleasant and unwelcoming for both, guest as well as the hotel. So to be able to cater every guest and attend them satisfactorily, Interactive Tables are designed with a touch sensitive ability in order to let them place their orders for food or to place their requirements, accordingly. Also, it works as your entertainment platform as well for watching movie purposes or accessing your social media handles.

Smart Conference Hall

Business and Professional meetings are formal gatherings and expect zero glitches. To assist such corporate meetings and conferences, Crabseye brings Smart Conference Hall. A setup which allows you to make video calls on Skype, which allows you to make distant calls and also gives an opportunity to exploit other technological applications for a better experience.

Interactive Board

As the country is becoming more digital, so is the education system. From providing computerized boards to tablets for further learning, education is taking a bite of Smart education in its own way. For similar purpose, Crabseye deliver touch screen display and interactive boards for school for teaching purpose. The board allows effective and practical learning to students with better understanding.

Transparent Ad Display

We survive on our necessities and that are fulfilled by different products that are available to us. These products use a medium to interact and reach their buyers through advertisements. Through Transparent Ad Display, one can easily interrogate about the product with direct interaction where one can clear their queries about application, use, ingredients, cost.

Interactive Display Box

For the purpose of effective and wide reach of advertisements Interactive Display Box is provided by Crabseye. Similar to Transparent Ad Display, Interactive Display Box is touch-sensitive and is software-based. The box is equipped with applications to aid public to interact directly with the company regarding the ad.

Smart Mirror

The Smart mirror won't just say you're the prettiest of them all. It will also tell you the time, date, weather, upcoming calendar appointments, and more. Not only can you get ready in front of it but can also learn and practise make-up tutorials or learn tying knot of a tie. Crabseye's Smart Mirror will help you be presentable and a tech aficionado at the same time.

Smart Media Room

A leap into the future always lands in a smart house, where you walk and your hand gestures are enough for every action you desire. Smart Media room helps you with it. Crabseye's Smart Media room setup provides you with a room which is responsive to hand gestures, just like Tony Stark's house.

Anti-Crime Social Communicator

We are all bothered about our safety and concerned about our kin's security, especially when the crime rates are peeking. Crabseye provide an application to the user to be able to communicate with the police immediately.

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 Crabseye Technology 
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Crabseye Technology 
902, V C Valley apartments
Opposite CSEZ 
Near Kendreya Bhavan,Kakkanad
Pin: 682030


Phone: +91  7012649001
            : +91  9605855552